Board of Directors

photo of Dennis Pegden
Dennis Pegden, PhD
photo of Lynn George
Lynn George, PhD, RN, CNE
Vice Chair
photo of Joan E. Marshall
Joan E. Marshall, Esq.
photo of Elisa DiTommaso
Elisa DiTommaso
photo of Thomas Arbogast
Thomas Arbogast, Esq.
photo of Scott Elste
Scott Elste
photo of Kevin Flannery
Kevin Flannery
photo of Jeffrey Hein
Jeffrey Hein, MD
photo of Karen Jerome-Zapadka
Karen Jerome-Zapadka, MD
photo of Richard Kim
Richard Kim, MD
photo of Mary Kirsch
Mary Kirsch
photo of Thomas Leydig
Thomas Leydig
photo of Michael Malkowski
Michael Malkowski, MD
photo of Norman F. Mitry
Norman F. Mitry
photo of David Motley
David Motley
photo of G. R. Orr, III
G. R. Orr, III
photo of Suzanne J. Paone
Suzanne J. Paone
photo of Rebecca L. Pounds
Rebecca L. Pounds, DDS
photo of Robert Terwilliger
Robert Terwilliger