John, 60 years old

From initial appointment to diagnosis in less than two weeks

John arrived at his Cardiologist’s office for a routine visit on a Thursday morning. He had complaints of worsening shortness of breath, and his Cardiologist noted that he was struggling to breathe. She sent him directly from her office to get a chest x-ray. John’s x-ray was abnormal and showed a lung mass. He was then sent for a CT scan of the chest.

The Cardiologist contacted a provider in the Heritage Valley Multispecialty Group Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine practice within one hour of reading the abnormal chest x-ray. The pulmonary provider had an opening in her schedule the same afternoon, and John arrived at his 2 pm appointment to review the results of the CT scan. There was significant concern for cancer, and a bronchoscopy was scheduled for the following week, just six days following John’s initial appointment with his Cardiologist.

John underwent a Bronchoscopy with Endobroncial Ultrasound (EBUS). Pathology results were available by Friday, and unfortunately showed cancer. His case was discussed at the Thoracic Tumor Board meeting the following week, and an appointment was made for John with an Oncologist.

In the span of just two weeks, John was evaluated, underwent testing, was diagnosed and was sent for appropriate treatment. This story is an example of the advantages of a tight-knit community hospital system. We see and evaluate patients quickly and efficiently, and keep them close to home.

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