Abnormal imaging results, and seeing a specialist for the first time, can be frightening. Abnormal x-rays or CT scans can mean possible infection, inflammation, issues with your heart and, in some cases, cancer. There are a variety of tests or procedures that you may undergo during the diagnosis process, including blood-work, sputum samples, biopsies and formal breathing tests called Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs).

During your first consultation with our specialists, any abnormal images will be reviewed. We will discuss and order additional appropriate procedures and lab testing. Appointments with our specialists include conversations, and take into consideration a patient’s wishes, age, comorbidities, activity level and a variety of other factors before deciding on any invasive procedures. We recommend that patients bring along a family member to the initial consultation to listen and help in any decision-making.

As stated above, different tests and procedures are used to make a diagnosis. Learn more about these modalities here:

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