Heritage Valley Health System Expands State-of-the-Art Digital Imaging Capabilities

Heritage Valley Health System provides comprehensive diagnostic imaging services for patients in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and the panhandle of West Virginia.  An “all-digital” imaging enterprise, Heritage Valley has recently partnered with Alpha Imaging to provide digital X-ray equipment for a new West Allegheny location in Imperial, Pennsylvania – making it their eighth facility with Shimadzu Medical Systems X-ray solutions.

“Several years ago, we developed a long-term strategic plan for the maintenance and replacement of our diagnostic imaging equipment moving forward,” said Roland McGraner, System Director of Diagnostic Imaging Services at Heritage Valley Health System.  “In our evaluation of R&F equipment, we were very impressed with the Shimadzu product portfolio.  It has great technology and clinical capabilities at a tremendous value relative to other manufacturers.”

A regional distributor of diagnostic imaging equipment headquartered just outside Cleveland, Ohio, Alpha Imaging has represented the Shimadzu Medical Systems portfolio since 1991 and maintains the largest Shimadzu installed base of any dealer in the country.  “A few years ago, I felt comfortable Alpha Imaging was representing an up-and-coming product line and that they would stand by the equipment they sold,” remarked McGraner.  “I told senior leadership within the health system that it was the right direction for us; and it has been.”

Alpha Imaging’s experience with Shimadzu Medical Systems products over the last 23 years can be seen in each new installation.  “Project planning and installation of X-ray equipment shouldn’t be taken for granted,” said Geno Crisci, Manager of Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging at Heritage Valley Health System.   “Because of Alpha’s experience and familiarity with the Shimadzu line, they add value to each installation and make sure it gets done right the first time.”

Patients of the Heritage Valley Health System experience state-of-the-art X-ray imaging at each area location.  The digital imaging solutions afforded by Shimadzu X-ray systems with Canon digital detectors enable excellent image quality at the lowest possible radiation levels.  Heritage Valley uses Shimadzu’s RadSpeedTM radiographic systems, SonialVisionTM R&F rooms and MobileDaRtTM mobile X-ray systems throughout the health network.  “Image quality is of critical importance to us.  The Shimadzu line has proven to deliver great results in radiographic, fluoroscopic and portable imaging,” according to McGraner.

The Shimadzu imaging equipment at Heritage Valley is primarily maintained by their in-house biomedical engineering team in partnership with Alpha Imaging.  “We’re very appreciative of the relationship we have with Alpha Imaging,” said Crisci.  “They work closely with us to provide training and educational opportunities for our staff.  It’s been a very seamless support system thanks in large part to their cooperation.”

X-ray imaging systems play a vital role in the diagnosis and treatment of many acute medical conditions.  Responding quickly to issues if they arise is critical to deliver the highest levels of patient care.  “As an independent dealer, Alpha Imaging needs to provide exceptional service; not just “good enough.”  And they’ve delivered.  Their team is very proactive and responds quickly to our needs,” remarked Crisci.  “They maintain the responsiveness of a small company with the support capabilities of a large OEM.”

Media Contact:
Jason Plante
VP, CT Sales & Marketing
Alpha Imaging
Office: 440-953-3800 x128