Heritage Valley Multispecialty Group Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine offers the following services:


Each patient has an initial consultation with a pulmonary provider. Ideally, this consultation will be in person, but we do have the ability to provide telehealth services under certain circumstances.   Our providers will complete a comprehensive medical history and physical assessment. They will personally review abnormal x-ray, CT or PET images with you and your loved ones. There will be a focused discussion about next steps, options and, if appropriate, medications and/or inhalers will be prescribed.


If your Primary Care Provider or another specialist ordered imaging, we ask that you please bring the results on a disc to your appointment. Our team will review these images during your evaluation, and will determine whether or not further imaging studies are needed.


Diagnoses may be made by sputum samples, biopsies or by taking a series of images over a period of time. Learn more about how we diagnose lung disease.


Your treatment will vary based on your diagnosis, and may include new medications, inhalers, referrals to other specialists or possibly surgery. Learn more about the treatment and management of lung disease.


Ten percent of the population have lung nodules. Most of these are found incidentally, when providers are diagnosing different medical problems. Lung nodules need to be followed to ensure that they are not growing or changing. Our providers will let you know how often you may need serial CT scans, and our office staff will call to remind you when your scans are due. If nodules do not grow or change over certain periods of time, they no longer need surveillance. Each case is different, and our providers will discuss the timing of your CT scans.

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