2019 Community Health Needs Assessment

The mission of Ohio Valley Hospital (OVH) is to provide programs and services that improve the quality of life for people in our community. This mission guides our planning and decision-making and as a result, OVH is pleased to present its 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).

The results of this CHNA will help us to more strategically identify community health priorities, develop interventions and commit resources to improve the health status of the region. This report is also offered as a resource to individuals and groups interested in using the information to inform better health care and community agency decision making.

We are now pleased to unveil our 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment:

2019 CHNA

We have also put together an Implementation Strategy for the next 3 years:

2019 Implementation Strategy


OVH had a busy 2018! To see all of the Community Benefit we provided, please visit our breakdown sheet below:

2018 Community Benefit Report

Our 2017 Community Benefit Report:

2017 OVH Community Benefit Report

2016 CHNA

To view our 2016 CHNA Executive Summary, please visit the link below:

2015-2016 CHNA Executive Summary

Here is our 2015-2016 Community Health Needs Assessment Data Supplemental Resource:

2015-2016 CHNA Data Supplemental Resource

2016 Implementation Strategy:

OVH 2016 Implementation Strategy

To view the Full 2016 CHNA Report:

2015-2016 CHNA Full Report

2013 CHNA

To view the Executive Summary:

2012-2013 CHNA Executive Summary

To view the Full Report:

2012-2013 CHNA Full Report

Questions about these reports may be addressed to Megan Hinds, Director of Marketing and Communications by calling 412-777-6365 or emailing meaton@ohiovalleyhospital.org.