Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

You may require Cardiac Rehabilitation if you have suffered from a cardiac incident and are in need of exercise and nutrition therapy to return your body to a healthy state. Heritage Valley Kennedy’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a 3-Phase Program.

Phase II and Phase III of this program are based on physician-referral. We accept most forms of insurance; please check with your insurance provider to determine if you are eligible.

Phase I

Phase I is largely comprised of your recovery time in our Hospital. During this time, nurses or physical therapists in our Intensive Care Unit, Acute Rehabilitation Unit, or other units will work with you on range-of-motion, hall-walking, and stair-climbing.

Phase II

Our Cardiac Fitness Program begins you on the road to recovery and a healthy lifestyle with Phase II. You do need a physician referral for this part of the program. We will keep you and your doctor up-to-date with regular progress reports during this time.

During this Fitness Phase, Our Instructors:

  • Develop an individualized 12-week program with you; during this time you will spend 1 hour a day, 3 days a week in our Cardiac Fitness Center
  • Introduce methods into your daily life to help modify your cardiac risk factors
  • Increase your overall activity abilities through exercise, conditioning, and education
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle habits through education, including nutrition and cholesterol management, and discussing high-risk health factors
  • Our Outpatient Dietitian will also work with you during individualized nutrition counseling sessions

Phase III

This final part of our program is voluntary, but extremely beneficial to those who have completed the earlier phases. This is a continuation of Phase II at the Cardiac Fitness Center. While it is not doctor-monitored, our therapists and dietitians will continue to work with you on your healthy lifestyle. Many people in our program have remained for more than a decade in Phase III!

For more information about our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, please visit our brochure: