Community Health Services

Heritage Valley offers the following Disease Management Programs:

Pediatric asthma
Pregnancy Health Services 
Nutrition Counseling

Pregnancy Health Services

Maternal/child health nurses give support and education to women identified with certain risk-factors during their pregnancy. More than 1011 patients have been helped through this program, which is free of charge.

Risk factors include pre-term labor; alcohol, tobacco or drug use; diabetes; multiple births; teen pregnancy; or high blood pressure.

Trained nurses teach, assess and provide testing for women over the phone or at home if they are on bed rest. This will help to prevent the pre-term delivery of babies, and low birth weight in newborns.

Freedom from Smoking

Freedom From Smoking® is an evidence-based eight session smoking cessation program designed to help you quit smoking and remain smoke-free. The program stresses the following elements:

  • Assertive Communication    
  • Coping skills
  • Quit-smoking medications   
  • Motivation
  • Nicotine Addiction                  
  • Physical Activity
  • Recovery and grief               
  • Relapse prevention
  • Self-monitoring                     
  • Social support
  • Stress management              
  • Weight Management

Both individual and group sessions are available.  To schedule an appointment contact:

Heritage Valley Community Health Services: 1-866-328-8389, option #2.

We have moved! Heritage Valley Community Health Services has moved to 605 Sharon Road, First Floor, Beaver, PA 15009. 

Heritage Valley Health System is committed to providing patients with chronic health conditions the highest quality and most efficient medical care through comprehensive community health programs. These programs ensure that healthcare services are delivered in a timely manner, are accessible, and meet defined quality standards.

Services provided include:  education, informational mailings, phone calls and home visits, referrals to support services, including registered dietitians, communication and coordination with physicians and other members of the healthcare team, monitoring for early detection of problems.

For more information on Heritage Valley Community Health Services, call 1.866.328.8389.