During This Season of Giving

December 2014

Dear Friend:

The United States health care industry is undoubtedly in a state of transformation. That, coupled with a regional health care landscape of heavy competition, has led to an environment that is “ever-changing and ever-challenging.”  During these turbulent times, Heritage Valley Health System remains focused on offering high quality, easily accessible health care all while accepting all major health insurances.

Heritage Valley’s mission is simple, straight forward and unwavering, “to improve the health and well-being of all people in the communities we serve.” Revisiting the mission in the midst of change has led to decisions to increase access through medical neighborhoods, expand preventative care and community health services, and strengthen our partnership with more than 450 physicians that provide care in every community we serve.

Heritage Valley’s vision provides a distinct direction and practical guidance for the future. We are committed to being a leader among community health systems nationally, providing exceptional health services across a seamless delivery system that addresses both the prevention and treatment of disease throughout the continuum of life.

The Heritage Valley Beaver and Sewickley Foundations exist to support the mission and vision of Heritage Valley Health System through philanthropic gifts from community members like you.  By donating to the Foundations, your gift helps to sustain our ability to serve our patients with high quality treatment and preventative care.  Furthermore, financial support helps to enhance our state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology, like the daVinci robotic surgical system and our award-winning electronic medical record system.

Please consider joining your friends and neighbors by making a gift of $25, $50, $100 or larger. Your caring donation will be used to help provide quality health care, prevent illness and save lives in our community.

Changes in health care are complicated and there are many unknowns. However, at Heritage Valley Health System, we have always been focused on quality, cost and access – that will never change. With your support, Heritage Valley will work diligently to be here for the community for years to come.

To make your gift online, click here.



Norman F. Mitry