Hearing Impaired Services

Heritage Valley Health System believes that all people visiting a hospital or health care provider should understand and be able to participate in the care and services offered. We realize that a hearing problem may not be easily recognized. In order to make sure that all our patients and visitors can fully participate in our services, we have removed many communication barriers. The information below describes Barrier-Free Services offered free of charge by Heritage Valley Health System. 

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD), are available to help patients and guests hear spoken word. Assistive Listening Devices are available for patient use, located in the Speech Department at each campus and are available to loan from Sterile Processing. Heritage Valley Health System uses DT Interpreting: Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) on demand and the Center for Hearing and Deaf Services, Inc. These services may be arranged at the Department Level. 

Amplified Phones

All hospital phones are equipped with volume control for the hard of hearing. Portable amplified phones are available for patient use upon request. 

Text Telephones (TTY/TTD)

Text telephones (TTY/TTD) are available for patients to send or receive phone messages. All teletype devices are equipped with a light to alert you to incoming calls. A text telephone is available for use at the following locations:

  • Heritage Valley Beaver - Emergency Department, Outpatient Waiting Room and through the Communciations Operator. 
  • Heritage Valley Sewickley - Registration, Emergency Department, the Communications Operator, and on the third floor across from the Gift Shop. 

All calls will be received by an operator (Beaver -724.728.0154; Sewickley - 412.741.3210) and transferred to the appropriate service. All emergency calls will be transferred to the Emergency Department. 


Close-captioned television is available through our television service. 

Hearing Aid Supplies

Hearing Aid Supplies may be purchased at Ambulatory Care Pharmacy at Heritage Valley Health System facilities. They may also be ordered through outpatient pharmacy. 

Speech and Hearing

If you have any questions regarding any of these services or any special needs, please contact the Speech Pathology Department at the contact numbers below:

Heritage Valley Beaver
Speech & Hearing Dept: 724.773.4664
Voice: 724.728.7000
TTY/TDD: 724.728.0154

Heritage Valley Sewickley
Speech & Hearing Dept: 412.749.7097
Voice: 412.741.6600
TTY/TDD: 412.741.3210