Heritage Valley BreastCare is a comprehensive, integrated breast health care program offered through Heritage Valley Health System. The primary location for the program is the Heritage Valley Women’s Health Center, a facility dedicated to the special health care needs of women, located in Center Township. Beyond the BreastCare program’s home, there are seven additional screening locations in western Allegheny County, Beaver County, Lawrence County and eastern Ohio. 

The Heritage Valley BreastCare program offers a range of services, from screening and diagnostic breast imaging to treatments for breast cancer. All these services are available within the Heritage Valley Health System network. Care is delivered by committed, high quality physicians, so regardless of your situation and treatment plan, you don’t have to leave the area.

Center of Excellence
Heritage Valley Women’s Health Center 
is designated as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence
by the American College of Radiology (ACR).


Screening mammography has proven to be the most effective tool identified for the early detection of breast cancer. Screening mammograms are recommended for women 40 years of age and older as well as younger women who are at special risk for developing breast cancer. Heritage Valley BreastCare’s eight locations provide full field digital mammography for screening and diagnostic mammograms. Additionally, the BreastCare program supports self-requesting so that you can choose a date and time for your screening mammogram that works with your schedule.


When a mammogram and testing uncovers an issue, it can be a difficult time, filled with anxiety. Heritage Valley’s Breast Care Navigator is a specially trained nurse that works with patients in this situation to efficiently coordinate follow up care, timely diagnosis and treatment of patients with a variety of breast abnormalities.

Heritage Valley’s BreastCare program provides a simple, diagnostic pathway led by the Breast Care Navigator to follow the patient from screening imaging through minimally invasive biopsy techniques and ultimately, if needed, coordinated follow up care. Follow up treatments are available within the Heritage Valley Health System and include surgical consultation, medical and surgical oncology consultation and treatment, referrals to support programs and other services determined to be appropriate for the patient’s circumstance.


To schedule Breast Imaging Services at any of our locations, call 1-866-901-MAMO (6266).
For more information, please call the Heritage Valley Women’s Health Center at 724-378-7000.