A mammogram is performed to screen healthy women for signs of breast cancer and to evaluate a woman who has symptoms such as lumps, nipple discharge, breast pain, dimpling of the skin on the breast, or retraction of the nipple. Combining a yearly mammogram, monthly breast self-examination and a yearly clinical breast exam provides women age 40 and over with the best means of early detection of breast abnormalities. When problems are found early, women have the most hope of controlling or curing a problem. A mammogram may save your life. 

Self Requesting Screening Mammography
Heritage Valley Women’s Health Center offers a variety of diagnostic services for adult female patients including self-requesting mammography. “Self-requesting screening mammography” means that a patient who feels that she might benefit from this particular imaging procedure may schedule herself for an examination without a written order from her physician.  Patients may schedule an appointment for a screening mammogram by calling 866-901-MAMO (6266).

Walk-in Screening Mammography

Stop in any Monday to Heritage Valley Diagnostic Imaging in Robinson Township or Wednesday to the Heritage Valley Diagnostic Imaging in Ellwood Screening for a screening mammogram. No appointment is necessary!

  • Heritage Valley Robinson Township
    Robinson Town Centre, 2201 Park Manor Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15205
  • Heritage Valley Ellwood City
    Franklin Shopping Center, 273 State Route 288, Ellwood City, PA 16117