Students at the Heritage Valley Kennedy School of Radiography Students receive four handbooks upon arrival. Please open these PDF files and familiarize yourself with each of our handbooks prior to the start of the program. It is the student’s responsibility to also obtain a La Roche University handbook.

The Student Handbook

The purpose of The Student Handbook is to provide each student with information about the Radiography program, its policies, and procedures.

The Clinical Handbook

The clinical competency process is a mechanism that gradually takes the student from the passive role of an observer to the more active role of a performer. The Clinical Competency Handbook guides students through that process.

The Routine Radiographic Procedure Manual

The Routine Radiographic Procedure Manual details the positioning of each body part necessary to properly project the x-ray as it travels through the body and thereby determine an accurate diagnosis.

The Radiation Protection Handbook

The Radiation Protection Handbook is designed to provide the student with an overview of the important topic of radiation safety.

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