Previous Nursing School Education

An applicant with previous nursing school education must complete the application process, including an official transcript from the previous school of nursing and a letter of recommendation from the Director of that school.

Due to the wide variances in nursing curriculums, nursing credits are not generally transferable. Students requesting transfer of nursing credits and exemption from specific nursing courses will be considered on an individual basis as determined by the Faculty Organization. Evaluation of nursing competence may be determined by testing, comparison of curriculums, supervised clinical or a combination of all three.

Applicants who have completed one or more non-nursing courses with a grade of 2.0 or better, at an accredited institution of higher education, will receive transfer credit(s) if these courses are similar in nature, length, and content with those courses currently required by this School of Nursing program. Those credits accepted for transfer will be recorded and kept in the student’s permanent record.

When you are completing your application process, please remember you MUST include the following information online or by mailing it to Heritage Valley Health System School of Nursing:

  • A letter from the director of their previous nursing program
  • Course syllabus and content from all prior nursing courses
  • A listing of course credits you would like to transfer
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