Volunteering at Heritage Valley Kennedy

To be a Volunteer at Heritage Valley Kennedy, you are required to:

  • Fill out an application by visiting our online Volunteer Application section
  • Have a one-on-one interview with the Coordinator of Community Services

Once you are accepted into the program, you must:

  • Attend a safety training course
  • Attend a customer service training course, if applicable
  • Receive a TB (Tuberculosis) Skin Test provided by OVH

Volunteer Opportunities Available

Clerical/Administrative Duties

  • Organization, filing, and maintenance of records and files
  • Sort, shred, collate and photocopy materials as assigned
  • Assembling and distribution of informational packets

Information Desk Attendant

  • Greet patients and visitors and answer any inquiries
  • Answer information desk telephone and provide requested information to the caller
  • Transport patients via wheelchair as required
  • Sort and deliver patient mail
  • Deliver floral arrangements
  • Deliver information requested to nursing units
  • Distribute gift to discharged patients


  • Greet patients and answer any inquiries
  • Offer telephone and transportation numbers for patients that require that service

Nursing Helper

  • Pass water pitchers to patients
  • Make new charts
  • Stock supplies
  • Distribute requisitions and testing to appropriate departments
  • Take charts to information management department
  • When necessary, assist disabled patients with opening and reading mail
  • Accompany discharged patients to the main entrance and wait with patient until a family member arrives in a vehicle
  • Answer phone calls and call lights
  • Clear patient trays
  • Miscellaneous duties as assigned

Pastoral Care Ministers

  • Responsible for the distribution of the Eucharist on scheduled day(s) each month
  • Pray with the patient before and after Communion, if possible
  • Pray with patients who do not wish to, or are not able to, receive Communion if the patient is receptive to this
  • Follow up on requests for calls or sacraments

Patient Escorts

  • Greet patients and visitors and answer any inquires
  • Transport patients via wheelchair as required
  • Deliver information requested to nursing units

Room Service Representatives

  • Visit new patients to promote the availability of room service
  • Respond to patients’ requests for newspapers, items from the gift shop, cards, magazines, etc.
  • Call nutrition service for approval prior to obtaining any food/drink items for the patient
  • Record request for service
  • Miscellaneous clerical duties as assigned in the community service office