Did you know… the average calorie content of human milk is 22kcal/oz. Caloric content varies widely throughout the day and even throughout each feeding due to the changing fat content. The amount of fat in human milk depends on the degree of emptiness of the breast. Mom’s diet has nothing to do with the amount of fat or calories in her milk.  The fuller the breast the less fat there is in that milk. When breasts feel the emptiest is when fat is the highest. The average fat content in breast milk is 1.2grams/oz. Doing breast compression while breast feeding has been shown to increase the fat content in breast milk. I often tell moms to do an experiment by pumping when full and pumping when not feeling full. Put both in the fridge and check back later to compare fat layers.

More to come – stay tuned.  Remember Besides our breastfeeding friendly providers, we also offer one on one consultations with our Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Liz Leon. Liz is available by appointment in our Chippewa office every afternoon or you can text her at 330.853.2145. Reach out, we are here to support you!

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