How the scam works:

  • Unsolicited e-mail communications were sent where the individuals claim to be a Heritage Valley employee with an attempt to solicit personal and/or financial information.
  • They are using RingCentral to conduct text interviews, Heritage Valley Health System does not conduct emails via text messaging
  • Scammers used a fake email addresses in the format “

What to do if you have received such inquiries:

  • If you have received unsolicited e-mail communication from someone claiming to be Heritage Valley Human Resources:
    • take screenshots, and
    • report it by e-mailing Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internet Crime Complaint Center at
    • delete the messages
  • If the email communication comes from any other extension than then it is not a legitimate email from Heritage Valley Health System.   To verify the authenticity of a job offer or validity of a Heritage Valley email communication e-mail
  • File a complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internet Crime Complaint Center at and/or to the Federal Trade Commission at

Please know Heritage Valley Health System is working diligently with both state and federal legal authorities to shut down the fraudulent scheme.

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