Billing & Payments

Heritage Valley will directly bill your insurance company if you have medical benefits through any type of individual, group, employer-based, or government-funded plan. We will also submit bills on your behalf to auto or workers’ compensation companies or other medical benefit programs if we are made aware of their financial responsibility.

The bill generated by Heritage Valley will only include services rendered by employees of the hospital or outpatient test center and will not include services rendered by caregivers such as but not limited to anesthesiologists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, attending or consulting physicians, or emergency department physicians. These caregivers’ fees are billed separately by those who perform the services.

Once your insurance company has reviewed and processed your claim, the hospital is notified. Your insurance coverage dictates how

much your insurance company pays and what portion of the bill is your financial responsibility. Most insurance companies also send this notification to the patient or the subscriber and typically refer to this notification as an EOB (Explanation of Benefits). It is imperative that patients/subscribers understand their own insurance coverage and any policy limitations they have agreed to by enrolling with that particular plan.

Upon receipt of this notice and/or payment from the insurance carrier, the Heritage Valley billing staff will adjust your balance to the amount you owe (per your insurance company) and will send you a statement requesting payment. Payment to Heritage Valley is due within 30 days of the date of your billing statement. See the Paying Your Bill link for information on payment options.

Heritage Valley offers multiple options for meeting your financial obligation and resolving outstanding balances. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, money order, or the following debit/credit cards:

- Visa
- Discover
- Mastercard
- American Express

To pay your bill online, click here.

For those unable to pay their account in full, Heritage Valley offers reasonable monthly payment plans. Contact any member of the staff at the Patient Billing and Payment Center for more information on this option. Contact Us.

Some insurance companies require Heritage Valley to collect co-payments from patients for specific types of medical services. While co-payments are most commonly associated with emergency department visits, behavioral health visits and outpatient rehab (physical, occupational and speech therapy) visits, it is the insurance company’s prerogative to include or exclude various types of services from co-payment requirements.

Co-payments that are mandated by your insurance company are payable to Heritage Valley at the time of service. Co-payment amounts not only vary by insurance company, but they also vary by group or benefit plan. Your co-payment amounts are part of the benefit contract between you (the patient or subscriber) and your insurance carrier. All patients should be aware of their co-payment obligations prior to seeking services and should contact the insurance carrier or their employer with any specific questions. 

Heritage Valley recognizes that not all patients are covered by health insurance or a government-funded program. For those patients who are not enrolled in any Medicare, Medicaid or other third party medicalplan/programs, and who meet the required guidelines,Heritage Valley will reduce its charge for services, minimizing the uninsured patient’s financial burden.This reduction or discount is applied automatically upon verification that no insurance coverage exists and will appear on the initial bill/statement as “Uninsured Discount.” Patients enrolled in any type of medical benefit/insurance plan or program are not eligible for the uninsured discount even if the service itself is considered non-covered or excluded from coverage. Contact any member of the staff at the Patient Billing and Payment Center for more details about qualifying for the uninsured discount. Contact Us.

It is the policy of Heritage Valley to provide quality care in a compassionate manner regardless of the patient’s ability to pay for such services. Consistent with this policy, Heritage Valley is committed to providing necessary health care services at no charge, or reduced charges, to patients who are willing to meet his/her financial obligations, but do not have or cannot obtain adequate financial resources.

Patients expressing financial hardship are given the opportunity to apply for Charity Care. Those interested in this program are given a packet of information which contains an instruction sheet and the Charity Care Application. Based on a patient’s (or legal guardian’s) income and expenses and Federal Poverty guidelines, Charity Care may be granted for a portion, or for the total balance, of the hospital or outpatient bill.

Please contact the Patient Billing and Payment Center (see Contact Information above) or download and print the attached Charity Care Application and instructions.


Heritage Valley Health System offers financial assistance to all patients that meet certain criteria.

It is very simple to obtain a free copy of the application for financial assistance along with the Financial Assistance Policy. This
information can be obtained by:

-  Asking the registrar for a paper copy at the time of your visit.

-  Visit the financial assistance page on this website

-  Contacting the Business Office at 724-888-5688

-  Visit the Heritage Valley Health System Billing and Payment Center: 200 Ohio River Boulevard, Baden, PA 15005

Approval for financial assistance is based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Patients may qualify for financial assistance for 100% of the balance owed to Heritage Valley, or a portion of their balance depending on income. Uninsured patients will be responsible for “Amounts Generally Billed.” Amounts generally billed reflect the amount reimbursed by Medicare.

If necessary a translation of the Financial Assistance Policy or the application form will be available upon request in other languages.


Heritage Valley Health System ofrece asistencia financiera a todos los pacientes que cumplen con ciertos criterios.

Es muy simple obtener una copia gratuita del formulario de postulación a asistencia financiera junto con la Política de asistencia financiera. Esta información se puede obtener de diferentes formas:

-  Solicitando al encargado de admisiones una copia impresa al momento de la visita,

-  Consultando la página de asistencia financiera en el sitio web

-  Comunicándose con la Oficina Comercial al 724-888-5688, o bien,

-  Visitando el Centro de Pagos y Facturación de Heritage Valley Health System: 200 Ohio River Boulevard, Baden, PA 15005

La aprobación de la asistencia financiera se basa de acuerdo con la guía federal para determinar los índices de pobreza. Los pacientes pueden calificar para recibir asistencia financiera correspondiente al 100% del saldo adeudado a Heritage Valley, o una parte del saldo en función de sus ingresos. Los pacientes que no cuenten con seguro médico serán responsables del «monto generalmente facturado». El «monto generalmente facturado» refleja el monto rembolsado por Medicare.

De ser necesario, se ofrecerá a pedido una traducción en otros idiomas de la Política de asistencia financiera o del formulario de postulación.

Welcome to Heritage Valley Health System's new Online Payment Tool.  You will be able to make payments on all patient balances for services rendered at:

  • Heritage Valley Beaver
  • Heritage Valley Sewickley
  • Heritage Valley Kennedy (for services on or after July 1, 2020)
  • Heritage Valley Multispecialty Group
  • Tristate Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Heritage Valley Pediatrics  

Please note a few exceptions that will be temporary for this online bill pay system: 

Heritage Valley Multispecialty Group, Tristate Obstetrics & Gynecology and Heritage Valley Pediatrics -  If you are attempting to pay a self-pay balance from a statement dated prior to March 6, 2020, you will need to call 724-888-5688 or 800-900-1377 and give payment over the phone. Or you can mail the statement into the lockbox using a check for payment.      

Heritage Valley Kennedy - If you are receiving a statement for services prior to July 1, 2020, we are unable to provide self-service online payment options for these accounts.  We apologize for this inconvenience, to make a payment please call 724-888-5688 or 800-900-1377.    

If you experience any issues using this new online bill pay tool, or if you are not able to make payment on this website please call 724-888-5688 or 800-900-1377. Our Patient Accounting staff will be happy to assist you.  We appreciate your patience as we move to improve our online bill pay experience.     


Heritage Valley Health System has implemented a new online bill payment system. 

Please select the link below to move further and pay your bill easily online!

If you are receiving a statement for services at Heritage Valley Kennedy prior to July 1, 2020, we are unable to provide self-service online payment options for these accounts.  We apologize for this inconvenience, to make a payment please call 724-888-5688 or 800-900-1377.