Once a diagnosis is made, you may continue with your Pulmonologist for treatment or, in some instances, we may refer you to other specialists, including Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Cardiothoracic Surgeons, Infectious Disease or others.

Cancer Treatment

If your diagnosis is malignancy, you may be eligible for surgical treatment, medical treatment (chemotherapy and immunotherapy) or radiation treatment. Our Pulmonologists work closely with each of these specialists to determine the appropriate treatment for each patient. We meet weekly with the Thoracic Tumor Board to discuss treatment options. Our office staff will coordinate any referrals that may be needed.

Infection Treatment

If your abnormal x-ray or CT is the result of an infection, our team will prescribe and manage appropriate antibiotic or antifungal treatment, and follow you through the length of your infection. Some infections may need to be treated for weeks or months, and repeated chest images are typically needed.

Inflammation Treatment

Our providers work very closely with Rheumatologists to treat a variety of autoimmune and rheumatologic disease. These diseases can cause interstitial lung disease, or pulmonary fibrosis. We treat acute flare-ups of disease, as well as chronic management of immunosuppressing medications. Your Rheumatologist may refer you to us if you develop shortness of breath, cough or have an abnormal x-ray or chest CT.

Following You Radiographically

Our practice follows imaging guidelines set by national organizations, including Fleischner Society Guidelines and the American College of Radiology. These help determine how often you need to repeat CT scans, or if a PET scan may be necessary, and we work closely with the Heritage Valley team of Radiologists. In addition, each Pulmonologist is trained in chest imaging and reviews each patient scan. Our office staff will call & remind you when scans are due, to ensure that we are following your abnormal scans at appropriate intervals.

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